to my personal website, where I list my companies and bio, along with some images of my wife Sarah and dog Cooper. We live in San Diego, USA.

My Projects

Best Homepage Ever

All your favorite sites in 1-click!


This began as a school project for me at the University of Oregon. I was told to create a website for a homework assignment.

After some thinking, I decided to create a webpage that was useful for a homepage – basically just my local bank, my favorite sports team, news, etc.

After a few weeks, my roommates started using the page, and after a few months, I started seeing people around campus using it. Boom, the site was born and is now used by thousands around the world. Give it a try!

Gift a Custom Song for Someone


Initially, I was a customer of Songs With You, but after seeing how amazing it was to gift a custom song to someone, I helped establish the company.

Working with Griff Jurgens, I have helped create and build the company into a growing music service for the world to enjoy.

If you haven’t tried gifting someone music, you can read about my experience of gifting a custom birthday song directly through my experience. Give it a try at Songs With You!

EasyETA Australian ETA Visas


Having been a travel agent from 2005-2010, I became an Australia specialist, and began focusing on travel into and within Australia. This led me to founding a company specializing in ETA visas.

With the help of Joe Bonhage, we had a successful 10-year run until Covid-19 blocked all travel into Australia.

The site now forwards over to the Australian government until (hopefully) they permit agents and specialists to once again process visas on behalf of travelers.

Future Projects / Domains for Sale





Personal Bio

A few of my Interests: Travel | Food | Beach | Hanging with my dog Cooper and wife Sarah | Music, Festivals | Snowboarding

A few of my dislikes: Traffic | People who try to cut you off when you exit a plane | Littering | Slow electronics | Olives

Expertise: Helping businesses with their online presence

You can find me on: Twitter | Instagram

Contact Me: justincarver @ hotmail


Just for Fun:

Check latest road conditions ahead of time at Lake Arrowhead with my new (lite) site Lake Arrowhead webcam.