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Here's a brief overview of me and my skills, my past and current projects, and ideas for future offerings. I enjoy technology, eCommerce, finance, innovation, traveling, business discussions, and.. cooking.

Since 2003, I have lived in San Diego, California, where I am constantly motivated to persue creation of new websites and business concepts (some of which are listed below).

Included to the right, are pictures of my wife Sarah Carver, and dog Cooper. Together, we are one small, but happy, family.

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Justin M. Carver

Jobs & Projects

Founder, Co-Owner


Leading Australian visa service provider to travelers and agencies from 32 different countries.

2010 - present

Founder, Designer, Owner

Best Homepage Ever

Featured in my recent article, Best Homepages for 2021 for Chrome and Firefox users.

Homepage provides access to all of the best websites in 1-click.

Also, newly released in 2020 is Best Homepage in the UK.

1999 - present

Co-Founder, Author, Owner

Food, Toys, and Products Your Dog will Love.

2017 - present


Bachelor of Science

University of Oregon

Focused studies in Sociology and Marketing.


Myself and Family

Justin and Sarah Carver Justin and Sarah Carver Justin and Cooper Carver Cooper Carver

Interests & Skills

Web Development

45% Complete (success)


75% Complete


40% Complete (warning)

Start-up Experience

90% Complete (success)